Posted by: Katherine | April 10, 2006

Good Weight Week

I just had to post…

Cecilia and I both had a good weight week. She made the 11 pound mark! And I have lost a total of 5 pounds in the last two weeks!

I wish vaccinations came in a liquid form…I’m dreading this afternoon. I keep debating on ways I might be able to distract her and keep hoping she won’t notice a couple of needles coming at her.

On the side, here is a thought I had last night.
I have no evidence per se to back me up, it is just a “wondering” but I was thinking last night and I can’t help but wonder to what extent excessive watching of television could contribute or set the stage for depression. I know if I spent a whole day reading, I feel like I have accomplished something but if I spend the whole day watching TV, I feel like I’ve wasted the whole day. I’m not saying watching American Idol or a show or two is bad, but I can’t help but wonder to what extent watching TV too much can have a negative impact on the individual.


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