Posted by: Katherine | January 15, 2008

Cecilia’s Favorites and Newbies

Favorite Movies: Meet the Robinsons and A Goofy Movie (she is a big Goofy fan)
New Words: Stuck, Owl, Ampa (Grampa), Night, Duck, Blue, Pete (of Disney’s Peg-leg Pete)
Favorite New Word: Stuck
Luvie: A stuffed sheep she found in my night stand that she simply refers to as Baaa
Favorite Books: Peek-a-Who?, The Wheels on the Bus, Mr. Brown Can Moo, Can You?, any Biscuit book, Where’s Spot?, The Big Red Barn
Favorite Songs: Jingle Bells, Mousekadoer (From Mickey Mouse Clubhouse)(she dances to both those songs)
New Things Learned: How to use a computer mouse, how to move a folding chair and stand on it to reach much higher and try to get things Mommy tried to put out of reach


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