Posted by: Katherine | June 24, 2008

Felicity Eating Solids

This is from her first time, almost 3 weeks ago:

I started with rice cereal, just as I did with Cecilia, but, in all honesty, it will be the last time I use it. Who wants their first eating experience to taste like drywall? Neither girl liked it and I have to admit I wouldn’t eat it unless I was on survivor or something. So we quickly moved on to bananas, carrots, sweet potatoes, applesauce, pears and peas. Cecilia has been fascinated watching Felicity being fed mush in her high chair. She comes by and points out the spoon and says, “Felicity, eat.” Tonight was a first though. I had been giving Felicity a plastic spoon to play with so she gets familiar with a spoon. When Felicity put the spoon down, Cecilia took the advantage, grabbed it, and plunged it into the pea mush. I don’t know if Felicity will ever put down that spoon again:

Gotta love that last face. I think Cecilia might need to work on her aim a bit.


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