Posted by: Katherine | June 11, 2009

Small Successes

small_successes_badge-300x2321. Someone had written me a letter to which I had never responded. … BACK IN JANUARY! Pathetic, I know. I’m generally so good about replying to people promptly, but I admit that applies more to email than anything. I finally replied!

2. I got a good night’s sleep last night. I really needed it. The previous night’s “sleep” left me barely functional yesterday. It is like when you have had a really bad cold and it really makes you appreciate all those days you were healthy and well. I’m actually awake and aware today!

3. I had not printed up hard copies of any photographs since October. I finally ordered prints from October – May for us, our scrapbooks, both sets of grandparents, great grandparents and godparents.

Slowly, but surely, “to do” items are getting done!



  1. I need to do the same with the pictures. Thanks for inspiring me, and GREAT list. SO glad you got sleep. It makes such a difference, correct?!!!

    Much love!

    • A huge difference! My patience levels plummet when I’m overtired and then even I don’t enjoy being around myself!

  2. I really need to get some pictures printed … it’s been forever! Way to go on the letter, too. That must feel great not to have it weighing on you!

    • Thanks. Yes. The sweetheart of a woman who wrote me the letter had been just as tardy in replying but it only consoles me that she will be understanding. In general I value punctuality so it has been very frustrating that I took so long to reply. Glad to have that done.

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