Posted by: Katherine | September 13, 2009

Cabin Fever

Last week we had a cold go through out house, so we spent a lot of time at home not doing a whole lot. We watched too much TV, sat around using tissues, taking more naps, etc. Rain made it even harder as it made even the deck off limits.

My 3 year old architect constructing her house while Felicity says “cheese”:


Felicity fell asleep on the sofa:


Cecilia got so antsy, she ran around the house with toys and we even had a casualty:


By the end of the week, everyone was getting a bit of cabin fever. But what could I do with Felicity still sick? When I was at the grocery store, they had mini pumpkins on sale. So, I bought some and thought a painting project might perk the girls up a bit. What followed was priceless:




I gotta love the yellow paint dripping off the brush:


Since Felicity finished her pumpkins and Cecilia still had more to paint, I gave Felicity a couple pieces of paper.


It was definitely a mess worth creating!




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