About Our Family

Three Daughters: Our daughters are Cecilia Bernadette, Felicity Catherine and Elizabeth Agnes. Cecilia turned three years old in January. She is one big bundle of energy and keeps me on my toes as long as she is awake. She loves Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, is a huge Shaun the Sheep fan, playing on Disney websites, reading books, saying the sounds letters make, doing puzzles and playing with any ball she can get her hands on. Felicity turned one year old last November and is constantly trying to keep up with her big sister. Elizabeth was just born this past June and is doing wonderfully.

One Father: James, my husband, and I met in a Catholic chat room in 1996. We went to college together and married on the solemnity of Mary, Mother of God, 2005 (aka New Years Day). He got his B.A. in Philosophy and his M.A. in Theology both from the University of Dallas. He completed his Licentiate of Sacred Theology from Catholic University of America and his working on his dissertation for his Doctorate in Sacred Theology.

One Mother: That would be me, Katherine. I got my B.A. in Philosophy and my M.A. in Theology both from the University of Dallas. I have a wonderful husband and and two beautiful daughters. I was disappointed in my first experience giving birth after getting to the hospital too early, having my water broken, getting an epidural and then Pitocin so I studied the Bradley Method and bought a birthing ball and loved my second experience giving birth. Hence I am a big advocate of proper preparation and natural childbirth. I exclusively breastfeed my children and advocate it as the best natural choice as long as it is possible. I stay at home with my girls and will homeschool our children as they get older. I am currently pregnant and expecting this summer.

One Domestic Church: We are a family of devout Roman Catholics faithful to the teaching os the Roman Catholic Church. We practice what we believe daily to the best of our ability and enjoy teaching our children about Jesus, Mary and the saints. We nourish and are nourished by each other, the Eucharist, God’s Grace, and the teachings of our beloved Church.


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